PhD Thesis Montse Dopico

GI RODA is pleased with the new thesis completed in the group. In the picture, the new doctor, Montse Dopico, with the members of the tribunal, Antía P. Caramés, Luis Alberto Alves, Jorge G. Marín and her director Ramón López Facal. Montse Dopico obtained the highest qualification in her thesis on intercultural education, with international … Read more

Article published in Frontiers

An article has recently been published in Frontiers, entitled Exploring primary preservice teachers’ agency and systems thinking in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which an investigation on Systems Thinking and Agency in health contexts such as COVID-19 is carried out. It is a Special Issue, coordinated by the renowned researcher Olivia Levrini. This … Read more

New teaching resource published in SM

Researchers and teachers from the Experimental Sciences Didactics area of GI RODA recently published, along with experts from CSIC in scientific communication, a new teaching resource on Oceanic Culture in SM, entitled “Vida microscópica marina. Actividades para entender y proteger el mar”. This resource was created to work on systemic problems related to the marine … Read more

Visit to collaborating institutions

Recently, from the area of Didactics of Social Sciences, the vice-dean and professor Belén Castro Fernández and the professor emeritus, Ramón López Facal, have taken advantage of the stay of a researcher from the University of Huelva, Sergio Sampedro Martín, to approach two of the collaborating schools of the RODA Research Group to inquire about … Read more