Department of Experimental Sciences

Didactics of Experimental Sciences

The research group of the area of ​​experimental sciences is formed by PDI of the area of ​​sciences of the department of Applied Didactics of the USC and of other universities (UDC, UVigo, UAM), and researchers in training with scholarships FPU, FPI or contracts with charge to projects.

It was initially born as a research group focusing on the analysis of discourse, reasoning and argumentation (RODA) in the science classroom in 1994, which is expanded by incorporating the analysis of other scientific practices.

The group’s research is situated in the framework of science learning through scientific practices (inquiry, modeling and argumentation). In this line, numerous researches have been carried out in the group linked to various national and international projects (S-TEAM, Mind the gap, kidsINNscience). These projects allowed to expand the knowledge on the performance of scientific practices by the students of different levels and to design didactic materials for the incorporation of these practices in the science classroom.

At present, the group continues to expand research on scientific practices, incorporating into the analysis the component of explicit reflection on practices in different learning contexts of scientific and socio-scientific topics. In addition, progress is being made in the study of the effective transfer of scientific practices by teachers and in the identification and application of criteria to design materials and resources that manage to promote these.

Numerous international and national impact publications are derived from the research carried out within the group, which can be consulted in the vital curricula of the RODA website.