Department of Mathematics

Didactics of Maths Sciences

The main objectives of the area of ​​Didactics of Mathematics at USC are teacher training, the evaluation of knowledge at different educational levels; and the design, implementation and analysis of teaching practices. The lines of research that follow this area focus on the following:

  • Two traditional lines:
  1. Line A: Knowledge and professional development of mathematics teachers.
  2. Line B: Visualization and spatial reasoning.
  • Three pop-up lines:
  1. Line C. Mathematical modeling and competence in STEAM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics).
  2. Line D. Good Mathematical Practices in Early Childhood Education.
  3. Line E. Mathematical stimulus for inclusive education.

Members of the area actively participate in networks such as the Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education (SEIEM), and professional associations such as the Galician Association of Teachers of Mathematics Education (AGAPEMA) or the Galician Teachers of Science Teachers (ENCIGA). The area forms the USC Teaching Innovation group called Tesela de Innovación en Educación Matemática (GIDEM-TESELA). Several of the teachers in the area belong to the teaching staff of ESTALMAT-Galicia, a project to stimulate mathematical talent. He recently collaborated with the association IGAXES3 (Galician Institute of Management for the Third Sector) in the teaching and learning of mathematics with students at risk of exclusion.