Department of Social Sciences

Didactics of Social Sciences

The social sciences teaching section is currently (January 2017) made up of 6 researchers from the Lugo and Santiago campuses and three researchers in training and has a large group of external collaborating teachers, on the one hand linked to the Sine Nomine Association and the other to the Proxectoterra coordinated by Professor Xosé Manuel Rosales of the College of Architects of Galicia. Many of us share this double or triple condition. Among the permanent advisers we have Dr. Jesús Domínguez Castillo (Nebrija University of Madrid), Dr. Lis Cercadillo (Evaluation Institute), Dr. Mª Auxiliadora Schmidt (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil) and Dr. Isabel Barca (University of Minho, Portugal ).

The subjects that the group investigates are related to social, civic and political education and specifically to 5 related areas: historical education (development of historical consciousness); competence in argumentation and reasoning in the teaching and learning of the social sciences; the construction of identities, the landscape and heritage, and the spaces of inclusion and participation.

Our group coordinates the project of the National Plan Social Competences for Democratic Citizenship: Analysis, Development and Evaluation (EDU2015-65621-C3-R) in which we developed the Formal Education Subproject in the processes of identity construction and its relationship with social competences. (EDU2015-65621-C3-1-R) with the participation of researchers from the University of Valencia, Nebrija in Madrid and the Evaluation Institute (IP: Ramón López Facal). The other two subprojects are at the University of Barcelona (Development of socio-political training for democratic citizenship: design and implementation of teaching materials in Social Sciences – EDU2015-65621-C3-2-R– IP: Joaquín Prats Cuevas) and at the University of Murcia (The evaluation of the competences and the development of the cognitive capacities on the history in the Compulsory Secondary Education – EDU2015-65621-C3-3-R– IP: Pedro Miralles Martínez).

Currently, six doctoral theses related to historical thought and social skills, heritage education, geographic education, stereotypes, prejudices and social representations, and identity construction are in a different phase of development. The methodology used is fundamentally qualitative.

From the social sciences section of the Roda group, we organize various training, debate and dissemination days in collaboration with other groups and institutions, such as the Museo do Pobo Galego, the Sarela Teaching Innovation Group, the Proxectoterra, among others.

The group is integrated in the Network14, being in charge of its coordination.