Publication of a new issue of Eureka magazine

A new issue of the journal Eureka on Science Education and Popularization has just been published. In the section “Science Education Today” of this journal, Blanca Puig, Paloma Blanco e Inés Mosquera, colleagues in the area of Didactics of Experimental Sciences, have published an article entitled “Integrar el Pensamiento Crítico en la Educación Científica en … Read more

Publication of a book chapter in Springer

Recently, the book “Fostering Scientific Citizenship in an Uncertain World” has just been published by Springer. It is a book that collects a selection of papers from the ESERA 2021 congress and is also presented at this year’s ESERA congress . In this book, colleagues Inés Mosquera, Blanca Puig and Paloma Blanco, from the Social … Read more

International Congress ESERA 2023

Blanca Puig, from the area of Didactics of Social Sciences, is in Cappadocia, Turkey, at the international congress ESERA 2023. There she will present three papers related to her area. One of them is in a symposium on critical thinking of the European P2D project that she coordinated.

14/06/23: Seminar on history education in middle and high school

On June 14, a seminar will be held at the Faculty of Education (North Campus), from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, on historical education in secondary and high school. Cosme Gómez Carrasco will present specific data from a study that empirically verifies the extent to which results improve among secondary school students when certain learning … Read more