Course on Research Projects in the Science Classroom

Today, at 4 p.m., at IES Nº 1 in Ribeira, the Science Didactics teacher of GI RODA, Blanca Puig, will give a three-hour course for the Science Club of this center on “How to develop and integrate Research Projects in Teaching from an interdisciplinary approach”. The course will be attended by teachers from different areas, such as Biology and Geology, Physics and Chemistry, Philosophy, History, etc.

In this course, the speaker will share examples of research conducted in the area of Science Didactics in recent years, being the “ocean” and the problems that affect it, a topic that investigates B. Puig in collaboration with researchers of marine sciences of the CSIC and teachers of Galicia in recent years, the main issue to be addressed in this course. This is a transfer activity of GI RODA, in the framework of the work of the Science Clubs in Galician centers.

Image by M. Lamprecht (based on a project already carried out with students from this center that will be visited today).