Defense of the position of Associate Professor

On Wednesday, November 2, 2022, Professor Belén Castro Fernández, from the area of Didactics of Social Sciences, has had the defense of the position of Associate Professor. During this defense, she has presented two projects: a teaching project focused on the subject Teaching and Learning of Social Sciences II (of the Degree of Teacher in Primary Education), and an innovative project related to Heritage Education, specifically, with the educational project that she has been carrying out for several years related to the case of Portomarín.

Finally, she has obtained with excellence the place she has deserved for a long time,
and congratulations from the whole RODA group!

Belén Castro during the defense before the tribunal.
The members of the tribunal from the left: Myriam J. Martín-Cáceres (University of Huelva), Francisco Rodríguez Lestegás (University of Santiago and Lugo), Cosme Jesús Gómez Carrasco (University of Murcia), María Del Carmen Franco Vázquez (University of Santiago) and David Parra Monserrat (University of Valencia – connected telematically).
Belén Castro and the fifth member of the tribunal, David Parra
Belén Castro defending her first project, the teaching project.