II Conference on Museums and Heritage Education

This Thursday and Friday, November 3 and 4, 2022, the II Conference on Museums and Heritage Education was held in Pontevedra. These have been organized jointly between the University of Santiago de Compostela, specifically, from the area of Didactics of Social Sciences of the RODA group and the Museum of Pontevedra in an intense collaborative work.

This conference offered an approach to museums and heritage education through two lectures, several workshops, three round tables (with the participation of researchers from other faculties in Spain and Portugal and professionals linked to the museum), two simultaneous workshops and a poster session.

The conference was organized for the second consecutive year with the aim of continuing to be a forum for dialogue between different agents working in the field of education in museums and universities in Galicia, Spain and Portugal.

Part of the organizing committee from the left: María Jesús Rubio Visiers (National Archaeological Museum – not part of the Organizing Committee), Manuel Barreiro Mariño (University of Santiago – Organizing Committee), Julia Feijóo Outumuro (University of Santiago – Organizing Committee), Ana Portela Fontán (University of Barcelona – Organizing Committee and General Coordination) and Leticia López Mondéjar (University of Santiago – Organizing Committee and Scientific Coordination).
Belén Castro Fernández (University of Santiago – Direction) and José Manuel Rey García (Director of the Museum of Pontevedra – Direction).
From left: Laura Lucas Palacios (Complutense University of Madrid – Round Table 1), Cosme Gómez Carrasco (University of Murcia – Round Table 2), Myriam J. Martín-Cáceres (University of Huelva) and Ramón López Facal (University of Santiago de Compostela).
Lecture by María Jesús Rubio Visiers (National Archaeological Museum)
Workshop 1: Recovering memory from the everyday – Beatriz Gallego, Labrit Patrimonio.
Workshop 2: Heritage communities – Ángel Portolés Górriz, Projecte Patrimoni. University Extension Program – PEU. Jaume I University
Posters seen from the inside
Posters seen from the outside