05.05.23: Jornades d’Ensenyament de les Ciències. Investiguem la biodiversitat

Next Friday, May 5th Blanca Puig, professor in the area of Science Didactics will open the “Jornades d’Ensenyament de les Ciències. Investiguem la biodiversitat” with the inaugural lecture “Developing the oceanic culture to protect marine biodiversity. Now is the time”, focused on the integration of Oceanic Culture Science Education.

The lecture will present RODA research developed by the researcher in collaboration with researchers from CSIC and the biology professor Noa Ageitos, collaborator of GI RODA.

The conference, held at the University of Vic, in the framework of a FECYT project on biodiversity, will include several educational workshops, in which B. Puig herself will participate. Puig impartiendo un taller que incluye una simulación sobre el impacto de los plásticos y microplásticos en la biodiversidad marina. The workshop aims to raise awareness about the use of plastics and their impacts on the health of the ocean, and to present a model on how to introduce these issues by involving students in modeling processes and simulations.