New teaching resource published in SM

Researchers and teachers from the Experimental Sciences Didactics area of GI RODA recently published, along with experts from CSIC in scientific communication, a new teaching resource on Oceanic Culture in SM, entitled “Vida microscópica marina. Actividades para entender y proteger el mar”. This resource was created to work on systemic problems related to the marine environment in secondary education, including six activities to learn about and protect marine life.

This is the second delivery of resources for SM, based on the joint work of Blanca Puig and Noa Ageitos, since, previously, these two researchers, had published didactic materials designed to address health controversies in the secondary classroom in SM. This time, the publication has been jointly with the experts in scientific communication of the CSIC, Pilar Riobó, Lara García and José Pintado.