Visit to collaborating institutions

Recently, from the area of Didactics of Social Sciences, the vice-dean and professor Belén Castro Fernández and the professor emeritus, Ramón López Facal, have taken advantage of the stay of a researcher from the University of Huelva, Sergio Sampedro Martín, to approach two of the collaborating schools of the RODA Research Group to inquire about the activities and projects that have been developed in recent times.

One of the schools has been the CPI Plurilingüe de Vedra, which is developing the program “Vedra Medra” whose collaborator is Xulia Marqués Valea. The second institution visited was the IESP of Ames, with the collaborator Sabela Cobas Fernández.

From left: Ramón López, Sergio Sampedro, Xulia Marqués, Julia Feijóo y Belén Castro
From left: Sabela Cobas, Julia Feijóo, Belén Castro y Sergio Sampedro
From left: Ramón López, Julia Feijóo, Sergio Sampedro y Belén Castro